Simulation of critical care scenarios in medicine

The subject is primarily aimed for 5th and 6th year medical students. We will train diagnostics and treatment of the most common life threatening conditions. We use advanced simulators and role playing participants. Students are going to practice various methods of securing airways, managing advanced CPR with the use of defib and i.v. medication and solve life threatening conditions such as shocks, suffocation, unconsciousness etc.

During the simulation scenarios there also will be focus on communication, leadership, role division (soft skills). After each simulation, there will be a thorough discussion with subsequent action analysis to provide effective feedback.

The subject is divided into 10 seminars (see table below). Preliminary class time is from 16 to 18.
Minimal number of participants is 5, maximal 8. We ask for an active and motivated approach. Credits are given for 100% attendance. Terms and registration for summer semestr will be specified soon.

Come dressed in white coats, with indoor shoes. Take your stethoscopes, pen, paper and hopefully a smile on your face.