Advance life support (ALS) – practical
and interactive course

This course is dedicated to 5th and 6th year medical students of the English curriculum. At beginning students will refresh basic algorithms of ALS, causes of SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) and its management. Participants will master “hard skills”, necessary to perform high quality and successful ALS (securing the airways, correct performing of CPR, defibrillation, prepare and inject correct dose of resuscitative drugs).

In the following session participants will experience simulation of any possible cause of SCA and its management. Part of the simulation is “debriefing” (after simulation “talk and analysis”), which is focused on medical analysis, hard skills and soft skills ( team work, communication, leadership).

Due to limited time during simulation great emphasis is put on “prelearning” (Essential materials will be provided to students prior each session. Good knowledge is crucial for understanding and attending to each topic). In case of repeated poor knowledge of ALS basics student or whole group will have to pass oral/written exam.